Disneyland with a Baby is Easier Than You Think

Hi Friends! My hubs got us annual passes to Disneyland for Christmas last year. In the last 7 months we have taken Paige more times than I’ve been my whole life. We’ve got to get our money’s worth right?!

I’m going to share what has worked for us in hopes it will work for you too. Shout out to my friend Kendra who gave me many of these recommendations before our first trip. We started taking our daughter at 12 weeks old and have yet to get sick of it.

Download the Disneyland App: This goes for anyone visiting, not just those with babies. This app is amazing! It tells you wait times, let’s you make dining reservations, has a detailed and interactive map of the parks, allows you to get fast passes and link photos taken by the professional photographers around the parks and so much more! A newer feature allows you to mobile order food at some of the restaurants to avoid pesky long lines. I honestly would not do Disney without it.

Buy the Fast Pass with Max Pass: This is done on the app. A daily pass is $10 or the annual one is $75. The fast pass let’s you book times to skip the lines on a ride and it allows you to do that about every hour or so if I’m not mistaken. The max pass gives you all the photos the professional photographers at the parks have taken instead of buying them for $15 a pop! If you’re like me and obsessed with photos, just do it! It’s much better than hoping a random takes a good photo and the whole family can be in it!


Utilize the Mother’s rooms: This is honestly the best tip of the bunch. There is one at Disneyland at the end of Main Street USA across from the corn dog cart (the best corn dog ever) and one at CA Adventure by Ghiradelli. There are comfortable nursing chairs, places to pump, clean changing tables, kid toilets, high chairs, pretty much everything you need. You can also purchase anything you may have forgot for your little one. Did I mention it’s air conditioned?!?! I prefer the one at Disney for the comfy chairs, but the one at CA Adventures has a family restroom so the whole gang can go potty in one place.

Bring the stroller and the carrier: I know it seems like a pain, but you’ll want to switch back and forth. I like to wear the baby on rides and have her nap in the stroller. Strollers are also fabulous beverage, souvenir and diaper bag carriers! Just don’t leave anything valuable in them while on the rides to be safe.

My fave baby friendly rides: Our usual rides are Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Small World, Winnie the Pooh, Jungle Cruise, The Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc. and the Pixar Pier Ferris wheel. There are a ton more baby friendly rides to choose from besides my faves though. Check out the shows as well. They allow you to kick up your feet and take in some A/C! I love the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Lodging: We live within a few hours of the parks so definitely do our fair share of day trips. I have to say the convenience of spending the night certainly makes it a lot more relaxed though. The perks of staying at any Disney hotel is the proximity to the parks and getting into the park 1 hour early for “magic hour”. You also get a small dining credit. To get those benefits you need to book with the hotels directly and not from a site like hotels.com. The drawback is of course the cost. If you don’t feel like dropping $350-$1000 a night on a Disney hotel then we have stayed at some decent ones that are a 5-10 minute walk to the parks. Just book something on Harbor Blvd or Katella Ave for easy access. We have stayed at the Anaheim Hotel ($160/night when we stayed) and The Desert Palms Inn and Suites ($250/night when we stayed). Both were clean, but nothing to write home about. Of the two, the Anaheim Hotel definitely wins with all around better amenities, cute mid century modern and Vegas-like decor and a private outdoor area attached to every room. The main bonus of staying by the parks is being able to nap, shower or go in the pool to unwind in between walking a million miles.

Beating the Heat: The last time we went to Disney it was super hot and humid. I did a little research and found the below info on http://www.Disneylanddaily.com. It highlights good rides, shows and restaurants to beat the heat, but is not baby friendly specifically.

Yes, I know this post is super long. I thought it was worth it to share my best tips though. I hope this makes your trip to the happiest place on earth awesome. Lord knows you paid enough money to get in, eat all the food and buy all the souvenirs. You deserve to have the best time ever!

Do you have some tips of your own? Share them below in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Disneyland with a Baby is Easier Than You Think

  1. Heather! Love this!
    Proud of you for starting this blog!
    Might tip would be to make sure you bring a dark blanket so that when your kid wants to take a nap, you can recline the stroller and cover the visor up so that they aren’t constantly distracted with all the awesome sights!
    Also, you are able to bring snacks and water and everything else into the park, so you don’t have to spend a shit ton of money on $12 chicken fingers that your kid will eat one bite of then throw away.


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