Favorite Things Friday: Baby Edition

Hi Friends! As we near towards Paige’s first birthday I couldn’t help but think about the products that we couldn’t have lived without so far. I hope you find this list helpful, but know that every baby is different. I sure wish I was getting paid or sponsored to share about these, but I am not. However holler at me if you want to hook a sister up baby gear companies! Some of the links I shared are on the actual brand’s website and some are links on Amazon. You can get pretty much all of it on amazon though, so yay Prime! I also wanted to share pics of us using the products in real life for reference.


1.) Dock A Tot lounger – This has been an absolute lifesaver when need to co-sleep and especially when we travel. When she was teething the first time she was up every hour, so we co-slept. This let us rest easy that she was safe and comfy in our bed. When we travel we carry the dock on the plane and lay it across us so she can sleep on it. Since she won’t sleep in the pack and play or a hotel crib we co-sleep when traveling as well. We started with the Deluxe version that is for 0-9 months. My mom recently got us the Grand version for 10+ months and it is huge. I could seriously sleep in it! It will not be traveling on a plane with us, but we put it in bed with us at home to or if we are traveling via car instead of flying we bring it for co-sleeping

2.) Swing – For the first 5 months of Paige’s life this was seriously a godsend. Yes I know, it has a freaking pearl and crystal chandelier on it and I love it!!!!!!!! We actually didn’t even register for a swing and a very generous friend got it for us. P took all her naps in the swing and loved hanging out in there. We used it for naps and lounging until she started napping in her crib.

3.) Rock N Play – Paige slept in this at night after sleeping in the halo until she was 6 months old. It was right by my bed, she was comfy in it and it was easy to travel with and move around.

4.) Halo Bassinest– Thankfully my friend lent this to us, so we didn’t have to buy one. Paige slept in this for the first few months of her life and it was great. It was pushed up to the bed and I slept with my head next to it so I could be close to her.

5.) Whale bathtub– We tried the flower thing for the sink and it just didn’t work for us. We are still using this tub even though she could totally take a bath in the big tub now. I would recommend getting the matching thermometer and scoop accessories as well.


6.) VTech Farmyard Walking Cart– This is hands down her favorite toy! I’m sure it’s because it sings and lights up, but it also is helping her learn how to walk.


7.) ExcerSaucer– Sometimes you just need your hands free. I keep this in the kitchen so I can throw her in it when I cook, do dishes or laundry. There are toys on it to keep her busy and a little dish to put food in so she can have some snacks.


8.) Carter’s, Baby Gap and Old Navy – These places are dangerous as you can tell from this closet that is bursting at the seams, but everything is always on sale. This is where I get 90% of Paige’s clothes and I can’t tell you the last time I paid full price for anything.

9.) WubbaNubs – Thankfully my girl likes a pacifier. We waited until the 3 weeks that the nurses recommended and it has proven to be a great tool to help her soothe and chew on when her teeth are bugging her.

10.) Baby Bjorn compact travel pack and play – This was recommended to me by a friend who splits her time between LA and Toronto, so the girl knows what works for travel with kiddos. It folds up into a small carrier and is easy to transport. Since my kid wont sleep in it most of the time I keep it in our room and put her in it while I shower. We still bring it with us when we road trip and use it the same way in a hotel room while secretly hoping one day she will sleep in it:)


11.) Lille Baby carrier: I love this carrier and so does Paige. It is comfortable for both of us, super cute (I got the french stripes pattern) and can be worn 6 different ways. In all honesty I have only worn the 2 ways you see below, but the option is there. It also washes easy and is very durable.

Mamas, did you use any of these items? Are there any that you think I missed? Please share in the comments below!



6 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday: Baby Edition

  1. Yes to all of these!! We’re lending our halo bassinet to a friend right now haha! It was SO worth the money! Charlotte didn’t ever like the WubbaNubs which made me so sad! Maybe the next one some day haha!

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  2. Oh, I have a couple! The MyBreastFriend nursing pillow thing!! You know my story- Olive clustered nursed and never took a paci, so it was ‘Saved by the Boob’ for all things: cranky-baby, teething, upset, comfort, naps, nighttime, etc… that was a GodSend!
    Also, we used the Bumbo to kind of “lock” her in place when she outgrew her swing or we wanted alternative to the activity saucer thing. We’ve also plopped it on the counter (with extra precaution, obviously) when cooking and even at restaurants before she got too mobile. Maybe Paige’s thighs were the Bumbo killer for you? 😂😂♥️

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    1. Good ones, both of which did not work for me but I know have been super helpful for others. You nailed it with P’s ham hocks being too big for the Bumbo. We used it twice and I was deathly afraid that her circulation was being cut off! The Breast Friend didn’t work with my monster tata’s. I guess us Ganser girls live large and in charge! Love you:)


  3. This was so helpful because a lot of these products I have just had to research all on my own but haven’t had any feedback from anyone I know personally. I am amazed my list is so close to yours and now I feel more confident I’m getting what I will really need. Glad I didn’t buy that flower bath yet so I loved all of your insight! Yay for the Halo tip because we will still be on the road for our first one to two months when he arrives. Awesome blog!!!


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